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Most important in the provins of its kind (open 365 days a year) situated in the old mill building which worked in the beginning of the XX century.


This original place is the next step in this extraordinary tour. Is an exact replic of the old familiar and small-industrial mills which spread Trevelin since last part of XIX century until mid XX century.


“Granfather’s house” is the place where the visitor will experienced the rich environment of the past in the region. The collection of domestic devices which belonged to John Daniel Evans one of the welsh pioneers. In the same place you can visit the Malacara Horse Tomb, tribute to the loyal animal which saved Daniel Evans during an embush.


This extraordinary attraction is located in the boundaries of the Valdivian rainforest and is one of the most beautiful Argentinean national parks. Access through Route 259 and 71, it covers 263,000 acres. On its left margin of Futalaufquen Lake is located the Park Supervisor House, an interpretation center and service offices.

Nant & Fall

Beautiful waterfalls are on the river NantyFall “fallen Stream” in welsh, in the middle of a rocky and arid landscape. To get there, you have to depart from Trevelin town across the main street ant take route 259. A Km 12th before crossing the Nanty Fall River you will find a detour on your left, it takes you to the waterfalls. Route is open during the whole year and the 400 meters walking to reach the three waterfalls is easy and reachable for everybody. In the end of the road you will find the Fauna Guard House and services which include recreation area, fireplaces and a small beach.


Lake Futaleufu is a diving area. It offers geological formation with unique colors. The lake is suitable for deep diving and you can catch sight of “percas” (a fish in danger of extinction)


Corvado River is guaranteed adventure. Strong emotions and direct contact with the power of nature.


The huge Futaleufú River basin includes almost 15 glaciers lakes and thousands of streams – fishing experts consider this area as one of the most outstanding areas for salmon fishing.

That’s why fishing season extends since mid November until mid April, and hundreds of enthusiastic fishermen from all over the world merged in the area in order to capture big pieces.

Huge specimens of “trucha arco iris”, “marrones”, “fontinalis”, “salmon encerrado”, Pacific Salmon, “percas” and “pejerrey” make fishing in the area an unforgettable experience.


The mountain activities center “LA hoya” as far as 35 km from Trevelin is the place chosen by Alpine Ski and snowboarding lovers. Its excellent dust snow extends the season (which starts in July and finishes in mid spring)
Its extensive assortment of tracks is ideal for initial and intermediate level.
Located at 1,250 meters over the mid sea level at the base and 2,100 meters on its white peaks, it offers 150 acres of skiing surface with signalized tracks well maintained and watched by a specialized mountaineers guard team.